Eldarya walkthrough episode 11

Acabo de llegar al momento de la imagen de Leiftan Exactamente chicas!!! TTwTT me haz salvado de gastarme maanas innecesariamente. Yo no obtuve el collar No, igual puedes tener la imagen de Leif, Pero debes comprar el collar!

Siberia gracias, ahora entiendo por que no me salio la imagen, compre el collar Gracias por responder y confirmo que si no lo compras en la primera a la segunda igual ganas la imagen la diferencia es que tienes que pagar los maanas. A alguna le paso que se quedo atascada en la plaza del mercado? Estas segura que te pusiste el traje completo porque tenes que ponerte todas las partes del conjunto?

No si ya lo tenes no tenes que gastar nada es igual como en CDM no te cobra el traje que ya compraste. Cuando tenemos que buscar info. No lo he encontrado en la guia. Y muchas gracias por colgar las respuestas tan prontoo! En cualquier caso la tercera es Positiva! Tengo un problema, no compre el collar porque pense que Leiftan me lo iba a dar, pero no me lo dio y tampoco gane la imagen T-T quiero el collar, que debo hacer?

Ya estuve averiguando, el a causa del flechazo, yo lo tengo con Valkyon y no con Leif. Chicas tiene que tener el flechazo, responder correctamente y si quieren o no comprar el collar pero si o si tienes que comprar la diadema. Yo tengo el flechazo con nevra. Pero creo por que no lo tube. Tienes que tener el flechazo por Alguien y no por Nevra o cualquiera de los otros chicos! Si, solo debes comprar el collar. Y ganas la imagen igualmente.

Si puse el total del maana gastado con el conjunto entero y por todos los movimientos echos!It took me a while to delete chunks of texts I deemed not needed for this reaction. Following that this may look like a mess. The important parts of my choices will, of course, be included down below. Following that, this reaction will be rather short. But there are a lot of explanations instead of walls of text. When ever there was useless chatter, I stated it as such.

The words use may not be exactly nice but hey…. It was more of a reflex. I feel his arms close around me. Me: The only other thing to note is that he left her but not before he planted a kiss on her forehead. Me: This is obviously a short version of what happened. When asked about Karenn, she has no idea where that one is.

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Me: She spoke to some people about a pet called Valerian or something along those lines. We take her somewhere else. Me: Karenn asks us if we will spy with her. Me: I originally wrote what happened but I figured you would feel better to read it in episode instead.

Me: Ok — few things. One: these two are stupid. Two: They get into trouble. I will let you find out the rest. Unless you saw my spoiler posts. I know it will sound weird.

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Bare with me. Me: This keeps the joke going. We also ask him about Karenn and his relationship but he does not answer. Then, he switched the conversation and I picked this.

Just saying. Lorraine: This is why I have to keep moving on — no effect from what I could tell. Me: So I made her go train. Jamon in Forgery was too busy so she had to go to outside Eel to train alone.PS: ne cherchez pas votre CDC! Descendez depuis la salle du cristal. Ezarel est dans le corridor simple, Nevra dans le corridor des gardes, et Valkyon dans la forge.

Allez ensuite dans votre chambre. Pour Purral, il faut trouver:. Pour Purroy:. En cadeau, il vous offre un incubateur, sympa non? Allez dans votre chambre puis vous serez emmenez dans la cantine.

Elle est dans la salle des portes. Rentrez dans votre chambre. Vous pouvez ensuite vous rapprocher de quelqu'un. Vous devez voir: Alajea parc de la fontaineKarenn jardin de la musiqueMery corridor des gardesKaruto corridor des gardes, garde-mangerl'ours infirmerieYkhar kiosque.

Vous avez le choix, lire:. Dans la salle des portes, des enfants vous sautent dessus. Au kiosque, vous croisez Ezarel. Au cerisier, vous croisez Kero puis Nevra. Au parc de la fontaine vous pouvez croiser Valkyon. RDV dans la cantine. Vous apercevez Ykhar dans le corridor simple. En lui disant qu'il est sublime, le prix est de manaas. Allez au corridor des gardes.

Direction la salle des portes :. Elle vous parle au refuge d'Eel. Si 1B Tu as raison, que la meilleure gagne. Si 4A Alors, c'est quoi? Si 3A Si 1A Tu n'aimes pas les enfants? Connexion :. Mais je ne suis pas de son FC.Grazie mille per tutto il lavoro che fai! Designed using Unos. Powered by WordPress. This website is no longer being updated. Click Here. Christmas ! With: 35 Comments. Notify me. Nuovi commenti di seguito al mio nuove repliche ai miei commenti.

eldarya walkthrough episode 11

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Episode 11 (A Legendary Visitor)

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Taking place in a fantasy world, the player character often referred to as Erika has the ability to encounter many other characters, take care of their own Companionand much more. Before the US English version of the site was made public, the site showed some of the content that players could look forward to; companions, various lands that they could visit, character customization, and some of the inhabitants of Eldarya. The story starts with Erika taking a walk in a forest near her home.

She's worried about what will come next once she is finished her studies and this particular forest was always a lovely escape from the world. After wandering around for a bit, she finds a spot of newly grown grass surrounded by a circle of white mushrooms, something that she does not think she has ever seen in the area before.

Upon stepping into the circle, she is surrounded by a bunch of brilliant white lights, making her close her eyes.

Eldarya (game)

When she opens them she finds herself in a room that has a gigantic blue crystal in the middle of it. Confused yet entranced, she goes to touch it only to be interrupted by a black-haired woman with four fox tails and a creature with a face that resembles a warthog's. The woman orders the creature to seize Erika and throw her in a cell. As the game goes on, Erika meets a variety of different characters and learns about the world she was sent to.

Discover the magical world of Eldarya! Get to know the inhabitants and Companions of Eldarya. Experience your own adventure and romance in this magical world, where the story and your relationships depend on the choices you make. During the pre-launch period, players could pre-register for a chance to win free gifts once the site opened.

The number of players who pre-registered determined which gifts they would receive.

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When not logged in, anyone can play the first episode up until Erika gets transported into the Crystal Room. At that point, a pop-up will appear that encourages the viewer to register. Locations consist of either stationary pictures or panoramic landscapes. In order to move to another location, players need to use ten Maana.

The panoramic locations have a translucent semi-oval that appears on the far left or far right of the game's screen. Hovering over the semi-oval will make that location's scenery move and reveal new location points.

Introduced in Episode 2there are times during each episode where players are given multiple answers. These answers are usually in response to what a character is saying or something that Erika is thinking.

These choices affect how a character reacts LOM to Erika and if the player will receive an illustration. Winning or losing these events affect whether or not a player will get an illustration. Love-o-Meter or shortly LOM is the meter which describes the relationship between Guardian and the specific other character. Answering correctly to dialogue rises LOM and a wrong answer reduces it.

Players have the ability to replay any episode in exchange for Maana per episode. Replay cannot be started when other episode is not ended. There are two types of replays: story and single episode. Single replay enables playing just one episode without it affecting to LOM. It is mostly used to see other dialogue choices or receive other illustration. After a replay the game continues where it was before the replay.

If the player wants to completely erase their process in the game starting from some point, the story replay is the answer.The Market becomes available to all players after completing Episode 6 and getting Level 7.

Only currency used in the Market is Maana.

✏️Episodes List

The Market includes the possibility to buy and sell eggsbaitsfoodalchemybindles and clothing. The Market also includes "search" -tool; used to find items with their name or just part of their name - for example Sitourche can be found with words "sitourche", "urche", "sito" and "our".

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When the player has found what they were looking for, they can choose to either bid or purchase the item immediately. Bid means starting an auction and it locks away the possibility to immediate purchase from everyone. Bidding also means that the seller can't withdraw the item from the Market anymore. Within 48 hours the player can buy only one item sold by certain seller - this is to avoid abusing the market system.

Excluding this rule the player can have as many bids as possible at the same time. For selling the player must go to "my items" -tab and choose the item to be put on sale. One player can set three items for sale at a time. They must choose a starting price for possible auctions and also price for immediate purchase. Both must be at least 1 maana but they can also be equal. Immediate purchase price can't be lower than starting bid price.

eldarya walkthrough episode 11

In "my auctions" -tab the player can check their own pending sales and pending purchases. Bids can be easily raised here. In "history" -tab the player can see their most previous purchases and sales.

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eldarya walkthrough episode 11

Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.After your reunion, you don't know how to react In any case, the arrival of a foreign emissary will take up all your time. Who is she? Why is everyone so thrilled by her presence? Discover her story! You welcomed back one of the boys with a little more affection than you should have.

You will never know Anyway, you decide that the person responsible is Karenn and you are determined to have a word with her about it.

Go look for her! Once you find Karenn, you question her about the fact that she is always aware of everything. She takes you to the Crystal Room and tells you that she is going to spy on the mission report the boys give Miiko. So, you decide to witness the mission presentation that was undertaken by the boys.

They talk about Fenghuangs, a flute, a temple and an attack You also learn of the arrival of an emissary, Huang Hua, and that Chrome and Ewelein went on a mission to Balenvia. You leave the Crystal Room, taking great care not to be seen by anyone. He gets over it but demands that you stop spying on this type of meeting.

In your room, you try to get some explanation from Karenn. But she dismisses you and avoids the question again. Then go back to your room. The three boys came back but you have not yet had an opportunity to talk about their mission with them. Try to find them and talk to them. Nevra will tell you about his mission with the Fenghuangs. Valkyon, with his legendary eloquence, gives you a trite speech full of banalities and known facts. Ezarel is satisfied with just saying the bare minimum.

You can also cross paths with Kero, Leiftan or Chrome. So you decide to train. After your training, you begin to feel the hunger take over. You run into Leiftan who offers to accompany you to the dining hall. You find Karenn manipulating Chrome to get a portion of rations. You drink, eat and talk, but quickly enough you see Kero entering the dining hall and asking you to go to the Hall of the Doors for an important announcement. Arriving in the doorway, you try to make your way among the crowd.

You go back to your room and think about all the information you have acquired throughout the day. It's up to you to choose the one you want to accomplish. You have to bring some ingredients back to Purral: cherry blossoms, fire lemons and sand directly from the beach. Once the ingredients are harvested, bring them back to Purral. He will give you your pre-filled mission report.

Put it in the library.