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Lily LL chaint chaspd.I'm your About section. Click to edit and tell visitors about your breeds. Inform potential buyers how long you've been breeding animals and how they are raised in a healthy, loving environment. Click to edit and tell visitors how you care for the adult animals. Inform potential buyers of their bloodline, rarity, and diet. Click to edit and tell visitors the natural qualities of your breed. Are they fun with kids, adorable snugglers, or effective hunters? Be the first to hear about new litters, availability, and helpful pet advice.

Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Female Dogs. Male Dogs. Home Female Dogs Male Dogs.

shadows of daybreak kennels

Sign Up. About Us. Experienced Breeders I'm your About section. Happy, Healthy Bloodline I'm your About section. A Furever Friend I'm your About section. Sign Up For Updates Be the first to hear about new litters, availability, and helpful pet advice. Email Address. Photo Gallery. Contact Us Litter Inquiries Name. Reserve Your New Friend!Laura King is a second-generation dog Fancier. Amazingly, Laura finished her first dog one she owned and trained herself at the age of 8 and since then she has never wanted to do anything else!

Throughout her years in high school and college she worked for many different handlers, honing her skills that are expertly displayed in the ring today and reinforcing her love of dogs. During her career, Laura has won Bests in Shows on dogs from each of the seven groups, along with multiple National Specialties from 5 groups. The likes of which has never been seen in the history of AKC. Her passion for working with dogs was ignited!

This job, in turn, led to a second Novack family Springer named Tiffany, which was acquired from Karen Prickett Miller. Eventually, Robin went to work for Karen, and after a long and dedicated apprenticeship with the renowned English Springer Spaniel Breeder and handler, in Robin became a handler in her own right.

Since then, Robin has campaigned multiple dogs to top all breed and sporting group contenders along with winning multiple National Specialties. She has won over Bests in Show over the course of the years and remains actively involved in the Telltale English Springer Spaniel breeding program.

Alex Gerber has dedicated her professional life to the care and needs of clients and their dogs. A third-generation veteran of the dog show world, Alex has been involved in the industry since she was five years old.

Quickly developing passion for the work, she established and ultimately achieved a goal of making a career out of her love. After working for numerous handlers all over the country, Alex found her home at Daybreak Kennel, where she has served as an assistant for over 12 years.

Quality care is her highest priority, but Alex also believes it important to allow dogs to be themselves. Janice has enjoyed many happy years at the Akita nationals. She retired from John Deere in and started working for Laura regularly in Janice is currently a proud member of the Tri-City Kennel Club and loves being a life-long member of the Daybreak family. Lorrie Minear, has been at Daybreak Kennel approximately 3 years. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they are the proud parents of 6 children and 8 wonderful grandchildren.

Besides adoring her time at Daybreak Kennel, Lorrie also loves spending time with her horse, Jessie; 2 adopted cats; and Denzel, her Springer Spaniel. Caitlin started showing Pomeranians in at the age of 12, under the guidance of her aunt, Linda Mulso of Cottontop Poms.

Upon graduating high school, she moved to Texas to work as an assistant before her passion for Springers brought her to Daybreak in Caitlin has learned many invaluable skills from Robin and Laura over the years, but most importantly, gained another family and a couple Springer Spaniels!

Terri Lee Robinson is a life-long residence of Milan, Illinois. She started showing dogs at the early age of 16 years old while in 4-H and has been hooked ever since! Terri breeds and shows Boxers and currently shares her home with three fabulous boxers, Jackson, Jacee, and Gabe.

Terri and Norm have been married for 30 years and are so proud of their wonderful son, Josh and beautiful granddaughter, Sydney. Laura King. Robin Novack. Alex Gerber. Janice Burleson. Lorrie Minear. Caitlin Blowney.

shadows of daybreak kennels

Beth Friichtenicht. Terri Lee Robinson.As you admire a well-bred English springer spaniel afield, the words nobility, royalty, honor, and dignity come to mind, which are fitting since the bloodlines of this sporting breed span hundreds of years to Spanish and English kings and dignitaries of the 14th Century.

The white-tipped tail acts as a warning signal, indicating the intricacies of the chase to the shotgunwielding hunter. The increasing circling speed says sure birdiness. The hunter thinks: Get ready. Weber for National Geographic in the mids. He describes typical spaniel hunting tactics, such as quartering, flushing, and retrieving from land and water. Subsequently, Edward of Norwich, Second Duke of York and cousin of King Richard II of England, in the s translated Livre de Chasse into English while he was imprisoned for treason, including additional chapters on the art of medieval hunting.

From the noble-owned spaniels of the 14th Century through the hunters and field-trial participants of today, the English springer spaniel has been a staple sporting breed for upland hunting. Sophie purchased that first springer for Mark Haglin when he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in agricultural education in Two years later, she graduated from the same university with a degree in animal science, the two married, moved to Brainerd, and became involved in the springer trial world, sharing the same passion for the breed as other participants.

The gift of that springer evolved into what is known as Pine Shadows, a broad-based business owned and operated by. Mark and Sophie Haglin in Brainerd, with a primary focus on breeding and training English springer spaniels. Likewise in the s, the Talbot Radcliffe kennel in England was well known for their English springer spaniels. To reach this goal, the Haglins adopted a policy at Pine Shadows of customer care, respect, integrity, and honesty. The business grew slowly with more dogs, increased litters, larger kennels, and more satisfied customers, eventually becoming the Orvis-endorsed springer breeder it is today.

This is clear: The thought, care, and expertise imbued in Pine Shadows by Mark and Sophie, their three sons Travis, Grant, and Morgan, and their employees show in every facet of the business. I ask: Are they where they want to be?

Mark and Sophie say other people have to answer that, and they vow to continue to. Their imprinting process is rigorous—not in an overzealous way, but in a heightened understanding of how it works and implementation of the details on a daily basis.

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From five to eight days old, puppies are moved to the kennel, where staff handle each by lifting, rubbing ears, turning, massaging, and other procedures, all to stimulate the body while talking softly and keeping the mother involved.

On an average day, springer puppies get attention from six different staff members.

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Similar handling continues throughout the imprinting process, as puppies begin to discover the world at nearly two weeks by seeing, hearing, and starting to walk. As they develop, they are introduced to running, the crate, the outside world, and following a wing on a string. At any point during imprinting, if a puppy struggles, it is firmly yet gently held until calmed, which ensures the puppy understands appropriate behavior—staff make it easy for puppies to act the right way.

The imprinting process is practiced through 10 weeks, after which puppies go to their. This essential connection with the dogs is what sets Pine Shadows apart from other bird-dog breeders. Essentially, the wait ensures that the selection is correct for the new puppy families. The concept of imprinting comes from the animal science world and is not limited to dogs. Researchers were studying imprinting with horse foals and Konrad Lorenz famously studied imprinting on geese; the Haglins knew they could do this with dogs.

The Pine Shadows staff are relationship builders, understanding how to develop a dog that is social and easily adaptable to individual families. In addition to imprinting, Pine Shadows has developed a seven-step fitting process that correlates the personality and desires of proposed owners with the expectations and behavior of a Pine Shadows springer.

Their system has been constructed to produce a high-quality springer that adapts to a wide array of lifestyles and increases the likelihood of building a successful relationship.

Because the connection between a springer puppy and owner is so important, the Haglins guarantee purchased puppies or started dogs for hunting ability, health, and temperament conforming to lifestyle. The long and storied history of the English springer spaniel as a premier upland bird dog is carried on at Pine Shadows as they strive to preserve the breed and our hunting heritage for the future see sidebar on page We take responsibility for the quality of the hunting world not only for today, but for tomorrow.

Hunting options include all-inclusive three-day hunting adventures.We started our Kennels in Giddings, TX in We have since moved to Fancy Farm, KY.

SOD Kennels is still available in Texas.

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My brother, Shawn, operates it out of Burton, TX. We also still deliver puppies to Texas when we can or we can ship them wherever in the lower We cater to any and everybody! We love what we do and always look forward to forming new relationships with new owners through the experience of the awesomeness of our puppies!

Join Today! Sign in. Open menu Alignable. Community Home. Sign in Join Today! Shadows of Daybreak Kennels. Our Ideal Customer. Partners we can share referrals with.

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About Us. Quality hunting or companion British Labradors. British lab puppies and obedience training. We love our dogs and what we have experienced through them!

Breeding and raising puppies is something we started so that others can be able to expe See more. Recommendations Given 3. Steve Balch. This guy is absolutely going to help you do all that This guy is absolutely going to help you do all that he can to get your property sold. He is not only a great realtor, but quickly becomes your friend too. We are so glad we got to know Steve and you will be too! Laurie Canepa. Cancel Delete. Visit Website. Facebook Page. Seth Spacek.Login Register.

Just show comments from News Dogs Events All. Happy Birthday Arry! Sounds like you had a good day at the kennels,I'm really missing seeing you every week so am sending you a virtual cuddle instead.

Damp, wet, miserable and horrible, that's not just a description of the weather, but how we all felt! Fantastic to meet our new arrival Peaky, very friendly and affectionate. Star had a visit from her family, they took her out with Spirit her soon to be brother, she is going home on Saturday.

Fantastic to see foster dogs Laddie and Trooper reserved by their foster families. Ha ha more failed fosterers to join the club, which leads me onto Asbo Arry Ares one of my failed fosters celebrated his 10th birthday today, he came to the kennels with his sister Sarah Scare Bear as usual.

He now has a new collar an ostrich bone and Uncle volunteer Dave got him a bag of chicken feet nice! We have homings booked for tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, a busy few days indeed. All following the current covid regulations of course. Wishing Ruth a speedy recovery after her nasty fall and hoping when she returns to the fracture clinic they give her the green light!

To everyone else, please stay safe and well. If you are looking for a fun loving young man to share your life with then Peaky is the the one for you! He is very, very affectionate and loves everyone he meets. Lee is a smashing lad. So happy and loves every bit of attention that comes his way. Do hope it won't be long before he finds his forever home.

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All rights reserved. Daybreaks Trust Solihull is a registered charity, number What we do with your data Terms and Conditions. Not Logged In Login Register. MON All. The Retired Greyhound Show more. Do you have an event that you'd like us to attend? Get in touch. Xxxxx Happy 10th birthday Arry, hope you have had a fab day. Xxxxx 1 others liked this. X Happy Birthday Arry! X 2 others liked this. Hoping Ruth is ok and recovers soon. Xxx Happy Birthday Arry!

shadows of daybreak kennels

Xxx 3 others liked this. X Damp, wet, miserable and horrible, that's not just a description of the weather, but how we all felt! X 6 others liked this. Such a lovely boy. Enjoy having your own sofa. Xxx Lee is a smashing lad.Click on a name for more information.

The Cairn Terrier Club of America has made every practical effort to insure that the breeders listed herein are reputable individuals endeavoring to produce puppies of good quality and health. However, in fairness to breeders and buyers alike, the CTCA does not endorse any particular breeder, and cannot be held responsible for any purchase agreement, guarantee, or understanding between breeders and buyers.

As with any purchase, you should check references, visit potential breeders, and evaluate options before you buy a puppy. See Health Related Concerns for guidelines for prospective owners of Cairn puppies to ask, regarding what health testing has been done on breeding dogs and resulting puppies.

Complaints regarding breeders on the list can be submitted in writing to the. JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address. The CTCA is interested in your input, and will remove breeders from the list if cause exists.

British Lab Puppies - Labrador Retrievers in Giddings, Texas - Shadows Of Daybreak Kennels

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